Tin House in the NYX

This lovely article about the conclusion of Tin House Magazine (I’m mentioned in there). The Entire Predicament was among the first books published by the press, which was a real risk, this move they made from being a magazine to also publishing books. And now the magazine is over. It was great and will always be great.

Alex Chee

Gosh I just came across this on Alex Chee’s blog, about when we met at Bread Loaf. It was a very special time, and it pretty wonderful, just now, to run across this account of it. It’s when I met my agent PJ, too, who features in the account.


Generous person thinking through, in his blog, my Tin House craft essay “Material”.


Karen Russell picked The Entire Predicament to talk about in Oprah— it’s in a print feature (I heard through my spouse who heard thru her cousin who saw it at the hairdresser’s) and also in this online format.