“Witches” Performance

Composer Laurie San Martin wrote a choral piece using my apocalypse story called “Witches.” Here’s links to the performance and to a clip from a rehearsal. So great to see the apocalypses traveling and transforming.

Laurie San Martin

Laurie San Martin, from the music dept at Davis, used “Witches” for a chamber chorus composition. She sent me the score. It is something else to see little story words go up and down with mysterious symbols. I played music for years as a child never realizing that I couldn’t read the music I was following.

Breathing or Sniffling

Collaborating with three of my graduate students on a text & sound project. It’s going to be a low-tech loop of us reading, with the ambient sounds of writing (mostly breathing or sniffling) & it’s going to play in the huge empty Mondavi Center theater in March but it’s for about 100 invited Mondavi-type people…