“Eyes of Dogs” a story on WebConjunctions. You have to scroll down to 5.20.08, and you may get distracted on your way by the all the gorgeous work they have up there. There’s also a free file on itunes of me reading the story at Bread Loaf, listed under Middlebury College, Bread Loaf Summer 2008: Lectures and Readings. This was one of my favorite readings ever, in part because I read with Amaud Jamaul Johnson, and he’s on the file with me. This story is also in My Mother She Killed Me My Father He Ate Me, an anthology of contemporary takes on fairy tales from Penguin Classics, edited by Kate Bernheimer. Here’s its facebook page, which has lovely pictures and excerpts.


There are four apocalypses in this fashion magazine called Flaunt. They’re in the print edition of the Fabrication issue. Ander Monson also in this issue.