Gosh I just came across this on Alex Chee’s blog, about when we met at Bread Loaf. It was a very special time, and it pretty wonderful, just now, to run across this account of it. It’s when I met my agent PJ, too, who features in the account.

I’ll be teaching at the Water Stone Review summer workshops for Hamline University. Here’s info.

11/15: Composer Laurie San Martin wrote a choral piece using my apocalypse story called “Witches.” Here’s links to the performance and to a clip from a rehearsal. So great to see the apocalypses traveling and transforming.

10/10: It’s official.

Author of ONE HUNDRED APOCALYPSES AND OTHER APOCALYPSES Lucy Corin’s THE SWANK HOTEL, an at times surreal novel that begins at the outset of the financial crisis and ends with the impending 2016 election, exploring the personal, societal, and even aesthetic manifestations of madness as it shapes the daily life of a woman contending with the intergenerational effects of trauma, to Ethan Nosowsky at Graywolf, by PJ Mark at Janklow & Nesbit (world English).

9/27: the day my novel was accepted. It distracted me from the rapey news.

9/2018 Laurie San Martin, from the music dept at Davis, used “Witches” for a chamber chorus composition. She sent me the score. It is something else to see little story words go up and down with mysterious symbols. I played music for years as a child never realizing that I couldn’t read the music I was following.

8/2018 I’ll be teaching fall semester at Duke University as the Blackburn Visiting Professor. Incredible to be back on that campus that shaped me.

10/2017 I used passages cut from my novel in progress to make a story for McSweeney’s 50th issue. It’s a beautiful collection of work with all the gorgeous surprises you expect (ha) from McS design.

very very long except of Swank Hotel in spring Ploughshares with my thanks to editor Stuart O’Nan. I just realized that this makes my 4th pub in pshares. They almost took “Godzilla” back in the day, too–

1/2017 New work coming out:

* Excerpt from The Swank Hotel, “Frank Writes A Letter,” which I just turned into a fifteen page endnote in the ms. will be in the next Hunger Mountain, ed. x supercool Jedediah Berry.

* Excerpt from my post-election fantasies project will be in the “Readings” section of the March Harper’s.

4/26/2016 The collaborative article that I wrote with my magic panelists based on our (dramatic) AWP conference event is the cover article for the AWP Chronicle this month. I have no idea what people think about it.

3/30/2016 Airplane Reading is out, and I have a story in it.

2/21/2016 There is going to be a paperback and e-book of Apocalypses probably in June from McSweeney’s. With one all-new apocalypse. The new cover is as beautiful as the original cover. UPDATE it’s totally here!

12/18/2015 I got an NEA. Well that shows me.

12/7  For the second time I was a finalist for a Creative Capital grant, but I didn’t get one. I was a finalist for a couple things this year, and didn’t get them, and I did not make finalist for a couple things, too. But that’s okay. I get an awful lot of stuff from a lot of people places and things.

8/15 The Ben Marcus edited anthology New American Stories is out. Here’s a review from The Guardian. Got my copy and so many exciting stories in there. Already reading…

4/15 Collaborating with three of my graduate students on a text & sound project.  It’s going to be a low-tech loop of us reading, with the ambient sounds of writing (mostly breathing or sniffling) & it’s going to play in the huge empty Mondavi Center theater in March but it’s for about 100 invited Mondavi-type people… Sound Invite

Found out that “Madmen” is going to be in the next edition of the Vintage Book of New American Short Stories.  This is very exciting to me.  This is an anthology that gets taught a lot and if there’s a story of mine that I want out there, it’s “Madmen”.  The story was also reprinted some time ago in a cultural anthropology journal.  Here’s an interview with them about it.

I’ll be a featured writer for the Les Figues CAMP this July 17-20 2014 in support of their Kathy Acker Fellowship.  (This was wonderful.  Got to spend quality time with Prageeta Sharma and Teresa Carmody among others– and reunited with two amazing students from my past.)

100 Apocs made the long list for the 2014 Frank O’Connor Award.  It’s a long long list, but very sweet to be included.

Rumpus essay by Micah Perks about fabulism and politics that features an analysis of “The Entire Predicament”