The Entire PredicamentIntroduction by Pam Houston. Shirley Jackson Award Finalist. My page at Tin House. For sale at Powell’s.

The Entire Predicament jolted me into an entirely fresh way of seeing the familiar. Imagine suddenly seeing in ultraviolet. Corin takes such pedestrian nouns as airplane, dentist, mouse, and supermarket checkout machine and drills cleanly through their superficial normalcy to reveal the luminous, undulant strangeness inside ‘everyday reality.’ I want to read every word she’s written.” -Karen Russell, Oprah

“Pure sleight of hand. How is it done? Come closer, I’ll tell you. She closes her eyes and watches the movies playing 24-7 inside the lids.” -Susan Reynolds, LA Times

The Entire Predicament is fiercely strange and written with keen control. You don’t read these stories: you undergo them. They are an event that is lived, not an object that is scanned. Language here is a tangible sensation; Corin’s words have weight, temperature, odor, texture, bite. Vision and noise invade you. You become anxious. Then you may find yourself pinching your nose, squeezing your eyes, so as not to let this world escape your body.” -Micaela Morrissette, Rain Taxi

“Sometimes quirkily funny, sometimes shading into menace or serious derangement, The Entire Predicament zigzags its way over the walls we tend to build between the serious, the absurd, the humorous, the off-kilter, and the mad.”  -Brian Evenson

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