Did my “shoptalk” for the community here– read the rome part of the book– this little intro chapter-story– along with an older section that, while preparing to read, I found I could understand how to streamline.  reading does not always work for me the way it has here the various times I’ve done it officially or to a few people in a studio.  a lot of times I read or prepare to read and I don’t learn anything.  but here it has been utterly clarifying. sometimes b/c I can feel the difference between what I can defend when I’m by myself writing, what might “work” in my own head, and what I just feel unembarrassed to present to these people.  That simple line– do I cringe at myself or not– is really uncomplicated here.  A lucky or earned balance of respect and lack of fear of the people around me, I think.  very excited to get back to work and apply what I think I know now.


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