white noise/ technocorpse

someone was saying the other day that they remember being so blown away by White Noise back in the day but that it hasn’t aged well.  I sat with that a little– I could see the point, but I taught it just a couple years ago and didn’t think that.  But now I remember teaching it as a book of its time– about what it was like to be disoriented by the infiltration of the self by corporate narratives– and how normalized that relationship to the world has become.  It seems to me now that the book is doing one thing a great book can do, which is to be of its time in its time and then teach people about their own assumptions by so wholly depicting/getting them to experience the world other-wise.  this is not unrelated to stuff I’m trying to think thru in my book about the constant feeling of being outdated that is part of the texture of current culture, and also part of the texture of middle age.  technocorpses everywhere.

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