spooky writer

something about being very deep in writing, I feel deadish or jangly when I’m in public.  enhanced right now I think by writing about personas and unreadable assertions of what you think might be authentic but you’re just playing authentic, being reactionary.  I don’t want to return the phone calls of any of the people I love.  like drugs, so self indulgent, but it’s art, so I keep trying to get away with pursuing it.  tried to institute a policy of taking real breath/moment before going from study to shared space but I forget and come back to my study with my coffee not sure who I was out there to people, whirling with what I can/can’t/want to/don’t want to control.  a writer friend calls it “spooky writer face.”   I don’t know what I look like but that’s how I feel.

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  1. derek white says:

    yes, i know that look. Sometimes when you see yourself reflected the screen.

    How’s Rome treating you? Have you discovered puntarelle yet? It’s about that time of year.

  2. lucy says:

    rome is wonderful; I’m here under luxurious circumstances. puntarelle, though– now I have to go look it up– you mean that crunchy green?! Or maybe there’s a bookstore named after it? I hope your transition back to the us has been good for you, derek–

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