I think I have to cut a part of the novel that I worked on at Yaddo a couple of years ago.  I was there for a month, which seemed like a long time while I was there, but getting into the work was hard and I had to really force the first stuff I did.  I was generating material via collage, and used an NYX article I read in the lounge to get me going on the chapter I wrote there.  Now I think I have to cut a lot of that stuff.  I’ve been annoyed by aspects of it for a long time (though I still love other pages I wrote then), but always busy thinking I should fix them or undergird them or something.  Now I think they have to go and be replaced by something that is not overtly about architecture and is based on establishing that character and his lover the way I need to really re-envision them now.  I hope that when I have to do it– probably within the next week– it will feel liberating.

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