teaching dream

I was trying to get a student to cut all but the first line of a paragraph and then “do another version of that line 3/4 of the way thru the story to mark change” (I think the line I told her to keep was something like, “The mother’s mother said ‘Again, again, again, again.'”)  and she didn’t believe me so I said “Ok let me find a famous author and show you” so I went to the bookcase to show her one of Grace Paley’s little stories and the text kept making it impossible to read– first it turned into pictures of tiny rodents (“she usually doesn’t write like this,” I said) and then I was trying to read her “Wants” and the book had been printed wrong so some of the paragraphs were upsidedown and from other stories.  I was so stressed out I woke myself up. Was the book resisting being taught?  Being taught as formula?

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