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at a talk/reading the other day fellow read a passage about the way his father constructed his library, buying books that he wanted to read– I would say ‘want to have read’– such that the library came to embody his ideal man.  I like the image of a man surrounded by a shell of books that represent his idea of who he should be.  I certainly do a version of that.  it has to do with my affection, expressed in an earlier post, for the ibooks thing where you can collect your aspirational reading in the form of ‘samples’ the difference of course is it’s not a display, so you don’t have to have fraudulent feeling that the books are your room decor to impress yourself and suggest something to your guests.  on a personal level Im interested in the line between being pathetic vs having an evolving sense of your values suggested by the evolving shape of your reading list and where you place it in your universe of private/public/visible/invisible realms.

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