yoga apocalypses

over the wknd I finished final edits on my apocalypse book.  I wasn’t ready to press send, so I did an online yoga class in my study with lots of hip openers and then pressed send.  I sat and wept, from sending and/or from the hip openers.  As A. says, “now you are alone with your novel.”  No wiggling away.  No wiggling in the ways that are manifest in the form and might stay wiggling in the book, but now it is time to be not wiggling away.  I made fun of yoga for a phrase in the last apocalypse I wrote for the book.  I’ve been writing apocalypses since 2005.  A smart thing to do in yoga is to notice when you are in a pose and want to wiggle away from it, and then not wiggle away.  You don’t try to stop or make yourself stop or anything, you just choose to be there anyway and that can let you quiet down inside.  one thing about my wonderful McS editor was he knew how to trim the very annoying frayed tips of a certain kind of frenetic language I’m prone to.  it might be that he has a feel for this wiggling in my prose and can just put a hand on it.  I don’t know if I can do that on my own yet.


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