okay so today I started w/ the paula fox post and then worked on the book for an hr or so and I am recognizing that the problem I have with dull verbs (being, thinking, looking) is precisely b/c of the problem I have with free indirect.  I keep refusing to do free-indirect b/c it sounds so phony to me– even the ‘masters’ of it almost always sound phony to me.  So I have avoided it, focussing my interest on the delicate dynamics of author/character blurring.  But that has lead to a lot of passages where i think ‘gotta go back and deal with the verbs’ and then am stuck with another phonyness, which is word-decoration– ie feels like author sat down with a thesaurus and mechanically plunked or is showing off with their vocabulary but is not nabokov with it so all I think is “so you have a fancy vocabulary good for you.”  wall after wall after wall.  and then add to that if say you don’t want to personify then wow it is almost impossible to find a verb.

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