hooray I can read

1. a version of what Russell Banks said about the benefits of an “innocent” narrator: it’s the same appeal as the coming of age– the freedom to ask dumb questions, or questions that have come to feel embarassing– the biggest and smallest questions, to be dumbfounded, and to learn.

2.  Now, it seems to me by chance, I have read 3 books in a row that are all memoirs sorting thru, nonlinearly, the death of a fucked-up father via texts.  Personne, then Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, then Fun Home (notice the trend toward easier and easier reading, too– luckily I am also reading Ovid and Louise Gluck– and I read a John Guare play with a crazy person featured…)  Perhaps this is why I have become profoundly suspicious of the way I see myself turning to quotation, reference, and collage as a way to allow me to access, obliquely, my subject/s.

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