invisible cities

went to le corbusier exhibit at the maxxi (which itself is interesting– the building on the outside is cool, on the inside I didn’t like so much– but now I understand from talking to real architects around here that it was divided up strangely to house an underfunded art collection– which is good to hear b/c I thought the art in there was uninteresting and I was confused by that as well as the way things were exhibited which made me think of high school science fairs as depicted on tv…but from the real architects I understand that the inside was supposed to work like a landscape and how important a thing it was to get an actual contemporary building built in rome…speaking of time, which I will after these parentheses– I sort of think they should leave it empty until they figure out how and what to put in there… there is nothing like real architects telling you things that confirm your experiences…) and a) he started out as a decorator of watches, which I think I might have known before but I have now seen some of the beautiful watches and b) I was most interested in the plan for the hospital in venice, which he designed in a way that it looked to me like it had been poured into the crevices of the city, and it was low enough to be invisible within the skyline– how cool is that and in the spirit of italy (in love with its own antiquity) and of venice (water).  But the hospital was never made, even though people worked on it after his death.  The layers of invisibility.  The story of the layers of invisibility.

PS!  like 2 weeks later!  Venice is totally flooded!  there is a really good slideshow on the time magazine website.  good ie aestheticized apocalypse.

back of pocketwatch by corbussier

back of pocketwatch by corbussier

that’s a fly. and a reflection of a guy at the museum. and a reflection of the front of the watch. and a reflection of architectural elements of the museum.

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