I noticed feeling cramped by my laptop screen this morning.  I felt frustrated that I couldn’t see more of the text as I was working.  Usually I print out when I feel something like that so I can see what I want to see next to my laptop.  Today I thought oh, that’s why people get extra monitors.  Then I thought what I really want is like on the matrix and now a bunch of other shows where virtual text surrounds the guy so it feel like you’re looking at his brain and the information-universe simultaneously.  But then I would shrink it all back to 8.5 x 11 or whatever size A4 is here in fancy europe.

I also wanted to use the big white pegboards in here thusly:  get a bunch of colored paper and a holepunch.  colorcode the novel in progress and pin with sewing pins the little punched circles left to right to represent moment by moment in the book and frame it with the magnetic strips of bus tickets.  Also float letters over the hole punches like on the frescoes at the rotunda church of stephano. you can see there’s a key to the depiction in case you didn’t understand.

letters floating over dismembered bodies

letters floating over dismembered bodies

in case you don't know what you're seeing there's a key

in case you don’t know what you’re seeing there’s a key

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