utopia, why not?

The company’s packaging was so wasteful and stupid:  first it was unnecessarily plastic, then you had to use a crowbar to crack it open and then the package was ruined so you had to put the leftovers in invented packaging anyway, plus you probably cut your fingers on it so that’s more waste plus pain, suffering, brand erosion (states are only recently brands, keep the memory alive) and inside the wasteful packaging were nutritionally vapid/ harmful food products, so when the lawsuit came down and the company had to change its packaging it said (with its mouth thru its enormous pointy teeth) they couldn’t possibly b/c they’d have to reformat their factory, retrofit whatsitcalled and then the law said (kafka-esquely but utopia) “great hire some of those unemployed people you made malnutritioned” and so they COMPLIED and they made less money than they had before but seriously not that much less so everything was fine why did you have to make such a fuss for god’s sake.  Plenty adorable animals have teeth like that.

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