ah bliss

stardate starting up engines lowing lowly.  almost done with grant application.  partway through reading old friend’s beautiful book forthcoming, more on that pronto.  today half hour note transcription started on train the other day.  followed by couple hrs note transcription from 2002 notebook at mental ward in los angeles.  trying to get the feel for one person’s delusions separate from another.  trying to imagine characters based on mine, sorted out/disseminated not real people I know.  i suspect the best parts of the draft are the most fictional anyway.  it just takes so long to get from the intensity of life experience to the fiction that can be meaningful in relation to it.  then ah bliss line editing for the collection.  what a great thing for a piece to sit, good enough, for YEARS and then finally to be able to clip whole phrases with a confidence.  it’s good for work to take a long time finding publication.  scary for careers, but good for art.

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