some luminaries

when I am feeling __________ enough to devote myself to such a ___________ project I’m going to do a head-outline version of this picture with numbers for the heads so you can fill in the luminaries.

Mr. DeLillo is sitting to the left of Mr. Franzen, in the row behind Ms. Streep; Joy Williams is sitting just out of the frame in the back row not far from Ms. Gluck.

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  1. Elise W. says:

    Funny, Lucy–I didn’t even realize this was you at first–I was too busy staring at Meryl Streep, like, Is that really Meryl Streep? Is this picture stuck on your fridge in the middle of takeout menus and family snapshots? When people come over, are you like, “Oh, yeah, it’s next to that picture of me and Ms. Streep and Franzen?

    So cool.

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