so what moose and eggs

people on my fb have been complaining about too much posting about food and I know how annoying the idea of san francisco is to people who don’t live here, so I thought I would post a picture of what I had for breakfast here in an ironic spirit of the relevant detail, and the abuse of this method of character development in fiction (do I really need to know what you had for breakfast?) as it resonates with the obsessive personal identity creation of online culture.  so what does this say about me?  The moose was a gift from a great guy who took us dogsledding in Alaska.  I sauteed the leftover bits from last night’s dinner with red onion and zucchini.  Add a grind of pepper.  The eggs are very fresh and scrambled perfectly.  The pieces of cheese is a really crystally kind of swiss and yes they are meant to connote beams of sunshine and gesture at the lemonade.  the pink stuff is pickeled red onion which just means I marinated slices in lemon juice.  there are tulips wilting in the background.  What I really want to know is:  is this meaningful disclosure?  am I a more or less coherent character now?  one time in an early story I wrote a paragraph of character description by just listing a bunch of random things and noting how easy it is to suggest a whole human from scraps.  Is it easy?  It’s not easy.  You can suggest a person, the trouble for fiction is then so what?

moose and eggs

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