I still think my hat was left on the floor of a fancy restaurant that when I called couldn’t find it.  I think someone who sat at the table later kept it.  that’s the kind of vanity I have about that hat, now that it is gone.  monday moma not so interesting.  big beautiful pictures of pubescents with their home beaches as backdrops around the world.  it was a nice exhibit, nice to spend an hour in there, sweet, lost time, not interesting time I guess but so what, unless you’re going to the museum every time you’re stuck on your book b/c it seems to work so often but this time you leave stuck, too.  But I prioritized it this week.  I am not hitting my personal deadline and am afraid of impending busier time at work, but I am okay, because I am set up for a long stretch starting june and there’s nothing like that vista to give a girl hope.

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2 Responses to vista

  1. erica says:

    see now, i dug those pictures. especially the almerisa series.

  2. lucy says:

    I know you did! and I totally lost time in there– but in this very separate way from anything I’m working on or trying to think about. I just walked in, switched worlds– ie totally absorbed– walked out and was back where I was before…

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