I’m writing some new apocalypses for a project at my local Moma.  It’s fun and I’m trying to make sure it is working with and not against the novel.  I was going to try to find paragraphs from the novel to work out in terms of the paintings I’m writing in response to and maybe I’ll still do that but I don’t know.  I killed a character in the novel the other day and I’m still feeling weird about it.  So I guess it makes sense that I go back and write some apocalypses, feeling this way.  There have just been a lot of terrible public deaths recently, it’s pouring rain which is sort of comforting and sort of just wet and cold, and there have been several people in my life who I love who are suffering hard.  I had a few of those days I am at this age familiar with where I’m thinking “why am I functioning so well?  Is mine a hardened heart?” but then I go ahead and feel stuff plenty soon enough when I’m somewhere nice for feeling things.

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