big and small

thought one:  before I write a post I clean out spam so I was thinking about back when spam first came out, and people made poems out of it, and I didn’t even know there was a code to crack, that words buried in there were meant to make me want to click– or has spam changed?  this is related to the book in the way that overwhelmingly everything seems to, which used to make me feel “woo hoo I’m onto something!” and now just makes me feel scared & stupid.

thought two:  because I don’t know enough, and even incorporating that into the book doesn’t make me not freaked out that I don’t know exactly the things the book is saying I have to know about like geopolitics or what it’s like to work for a corporation.

thought three: so I found myself instead writing a “420 character” story– more like constructing one out of a random notebook-note because I told my sister I would.  It was the opposite brainwork from what I really need to be doing right now I’m pretty sure.  oh who knows.

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