felt like I got no writing done this morning (it’s been a stuck time for a couple weeks… more?) but may have done the important work of understanding what I have to understand in order to know what happens next.  first, I think I understand that my madman figure might or might not be the force behind a real/significant/something upset where the two not-so-crazy people work.  then, I think I understand that in order to know what that is it is time to nail down the nature of that workplace– I am back and forth btwn business administration/market research company and think tank.  I have always been attracted to the think tank term, and it makes sense as a “brain” and if I can find a model for one that is not overtly a partisan policy making machine I may be on my way to knowing what I have to find out about in order to make the right thing happen in the book.  and to depict the workplace in some realized way whether it’s a realistic/literal space or only in relation to one.  Second thing for art today will be going over to city hall to see what’s up with this arts funding scandal… the relationship must have to do with the value of work you can’t see or measure.

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