so, she goes into work after abandoning her car on the way home from spying on her colleague and his lover and learning nothing she can see about her own situation, and at work when she arrives something has happened now what shall it be already?  tried to write it according to an image I wanted to have of everyone in the halls standing framed in their doorways at once and I still think I can have that, if only for a moment she freezes in her head, but I can’t figure out what to have happened.  last thing that happened at work is there was a fistfight in the conference room over procedure.  I’m looking for something that might make her feel like her work matters because so far in the book it hasn’t.  it might matter in a bad way.  I think she’d expect someone to have jumped off the roof, or someone to have caused some uproar– that is she’d expect an individual to cause a ruckus, get snuffed, and change nothing, get a plaque, get memorialized and with that concluded/ forgotten.  but this should be something with ripples into or from the larger culture in a way that no one can deny, though they try.  that is, it’s something like what is going on at my work.

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