From trying to write this novel back in 2007:  “I believe in fiction.  I have always believed that there is nothing in fact that we know more than we know in fiction.  I know this when I listen to our president go subject-verb. subject-verb, and I know there is not a president in history who has not created facts from his imagination.  This is how things are created.  In most people, if you imagine a bullet is coming toward you you will not get shot.  But sometimes madness is you are as if getting shot and it makes you see the bullet, because that’ll explain things.  Madness is effect before cause.  There is a lot of science that helps make my point here.  You can look at brain scans and see this bullet I concoct.  It also turns out it’s true that you are what you eat but not every bit of food manifests in the same way body to body.  It’s like if you eat the word cow and I eat the word cow, and every time you eat cow it makes a lump in your throat and every time I eat cow it makes my heart ache.  This happens for years, but then you bump your head on something and from then on when you eat cow you can feel it in your bones, and my heart continues to ache, but after a few years, as scientists have noted in several test groups, the cow makes my breasts ache and swell, also.  In this way, there are causes and effects, but you are a little more idiosyncratic than I am.”

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