ancillary (used in my fiction first time today)

writing really pretty much six hours most days.  I always plan to read afterward, but I’m so fried all I do is cook or go outside in the sun, laundry and stuff.  Was listening to Jennifer Egan and Vendella Vida get interviewed and one of them, Vendella I think, was answering the ‘how do you do it all as a mother!’ question and was saying how she used to spend a day reading a book tangentially related to what she was working on and call it a day of work, and now she had to put pressure on herself to get a page count accomplished, and my sense of the attitude in the room during this part of the conversation was like okay, sure, appreciating the privilege of taking your day to read, but also disparaging the idea that reading could be a central or vital activity.  so this is bugging me.  but I’m solidly thru five of the ten anticipated chapters of this venture.

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