Finished first draft of chapter four, called simultaneous.  this afternoon I’ll try to fill in a few of the remaining things– a series of helen keller and dead baby jokes, for instance.  I once saw a famous writer tell jokes for literally seven hours, into the night in a hotel room with eager students watching.  I can’t remember any of them, because I cannot remember jokes (or plots) which I like to think is fun for my friends b/c they can retell and I will always be surprised.  I wonder how long my character will tell these jokes, how many paragraphs or pages I’ll string it out for, how much I’ll mess with the joke-texts.  I may put out a call on facebook.  I like this idea but am concerned that it might mess up the “20 pages each chapter” thing I have going on.  Around 20 pages has to be okay, doesn’t it?  I wonder what it will take for me to give that up.  Mean jokes, I’m guessing.

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