wrote a new paragraph onto the end of the partial fourth chapter.  it took reading and line working the 12 pages up to it, and that took over an hour, but I did it.  rereading the part about amalfitano, the part about how the poet studies osteology, the woman visiting him from the cemetery.  I do think I am writing a good book, and I do think that this helps me believe that when I have time to go back into the book in a sustained way I will be able to do it.  it’s been so hard to do the analytic work.  I think I can feel my brain changing with age.  I am hoping the change will mean a less rigid way of coming to understandings.

madness really is contagious, p. 177; a woman bowed by the weight of her suitcase, fearless, walking fearlessly along the side of the road, p. 185 this book is so totally haunting mine.

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