Michael Taussig qtd by T.M. Luhrmann in her article “Hallucinations and Sensory Overrides”:  “There is this paradox, that in trying to depict the general one has to seize upon the singular, because yagé [which I think is a particular region’s name for shamans?] brings out and indeed depends upon intense living at extremity and exploration of the inchoate.  There is no ‘average’ yagé experience; that’s the whole point.  Thoughts become feelings and feelings thoughts, not necessarily in the epiphanal instance conceived by the Romantic conception of the image or the symbol, but in a friction-filled rasping of planes of different types of experience grinding on a sort of no-person’s-land where concept and feeling fight it out for priority, leaving a new space where the sensation lives in its glowing self.  It is also the case that, associated with this, the world ‘outside’ trembles into life an [sic?] unison with the world ‘inside’.”  My marginal note says FORM.  A layered understanding of incompatible realities.

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