pep talk

I wrote a new incident.  I included the ways I thought it was like a music video.  I’ve decided that this is really going to be an honest book, as I produce it, and include the things I am afraid it is or that I don’t think I am good enough to make it.  A book that can fall short of its ambitions and have that be part of it.  Instead of the usual course of trying to be as ambitious as it can pull off.  What if it can’t pull it off?  I’ll include that instead of pulling off something just because maybe I can.  I’m not going to fake anything, and as long as I’m not going to fake it, it’s not going to come out pomo anxiety.  If it’s a book about madness, I’m thinking of course I have to rip the masks of the narrator and just narrate as hard as I can, right flat out there.

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