stardate this afternoon feel five pages into forth section and the sections have names:  message, architecture, experts, simultaneous.  read a little article on slate or something like that about novel writing month (article’s point was about writing as narcissism and how many people don’t read but are all writing all the time, yup) and said like the one thing everyone agrees on about novel writing is discipline/do it every day and writing a lot that is crap you can revise.  dude it is so not that simple, I mean even the pattern of writing and kind of writing is not that simple, and I just can’t believe it’s uniform for people.  doesn’t every writer have rhythms they can’t anticipate and isn’t every writer’s one day not like the last one.  isn’t writing a dance like reading like susan sontag said in on style. one day since I started this log did I write crap I could go back and revise.  all the other days have been combos of line by line, transcribing from works I’m collaging in, line by line within them, splicing in things from notebooks, reading and making more notes, thinking of a sequence and then writing it and seeing if it goes somewhere, looking for a new thing to collage in.  sometimes I go on an errand with my mind tuned to find something for the book.  I love the days I get to write forward from just my head, but those days are hard earned.

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