Witch Boy

Dark of the Moon:  remembering lines from this from childhood, the baby described as a cinder and then thrown into the fire– the stone mountaintop and lightening, being entranced by not knowing if the witch boy was good or bad, and by the term witch boy itself.  I must have sat in on rehearsals for a production on it, because I remember the director trying to impress upon the lead actor and actress the intensity of their lust, and how controversial the play was.  I was a kid in Williamstown and there were plays going on everywhere.

The other thing that happened is I think I found a newspaper article that I can hang this chapter on.  It’s about a local real estate mogul or whatever you call it when your family name’s on the placards and you have to step down b/c your ex wife and current girlfriend have turned in hidden camera videotapes of family friends going back 20 years, in the bathroom, the shower, the guest rooms of their home and their lake house.  I love that it’s here, in CA, after the bust, and that the cameras were in his own homes, and the goal to violate his closest friends.

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