daryl hannah

I have some days to account for.  I hope I am letting the novel rest usefully.  It does get delicate, like I imagine baking, which I don’t do.  Since oakland, I’ve been sleeping hard, with dense dreams.  I spent two days going through the apocalypse manuscript tightening and primping, but I like the book now.  I can see that a lot of the pieces I have been unsure of I changed a lot and was hanging onto what I was unsure of about them before.  Friday I’m scheduled to present to I think mostly theater people something about “performing identity” “practice as research” “embodied knowledge”.  So today I’ll figure that out about the apocalypses.  How can it not be about point of view, my primary cigar?  I will pull pieces about that and then I will try to figure out how I think it matters ie why I wrote that and have yet to throw it away.  I have just become very skeptical of the performances that are embodied in the use of that kind of language, staged at these gatherings, evaluated by people who really just heard some authoritative words go by, signs of someone caring about something in their language.  That has often, in the past, been fine with me but I don’t know, now.  I am excited to see this play Tilly No-Body.  I think a friend of mine in college was obsessed with Frank Wedekind and I think I saw Lulu.  I have images of a girl in an attic or something with clothes like Daryl Hannah in Bladerunner.  Could that be it?

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