rings, bells

For a long time I have loved Beckett’s tiny play (a ‘dramaticule,’ how cute is that?)  “Come and Go.”  It ends with the line “I can feel the rings,” with the three ladies holding one another’s hands with their arms crossing.  I’ve thought of the twisted ring that their arms make and rings on fingers that symbolize together forever, rings on trees that mark time.  A few months ago I drafted the hundred apocalypses to end with the line “I only wanted to keep the bells ringing.”   I don’t think there are any bells in the whole hundred, but I’ve remained stuck on it as a last line.  That’s the most obvious connotation in a play where they spend most of the text remembering, right?  Only noticed that a week ago.  Early in the summer, in the novel, I named a character with the last name Bell, an increasingly magical figure, I think.  Today he shows up when another character’s memory goes awry.

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