there are leafblowers going at this neighborhood. I am deep in revisions via excellent editor’s notes, so Grrrrr. So until I can think again (even with headphones on! earplugs are too distracting for writing– I can’t stop feeling them in my ears– and they make a sound, being there)  but I am thinking about animals in my book, and I saw this article about a missing tortoise who was found five miles from the new place the family lived- back in the house where they used to live. 

So here’s an article in which people are astonished at an animal’s subjectivity. OMG the when they navigate they have motives OMG they have feelings about place. Celebrities they’re just like us. But notice /as soon/ as pop consciousness does that they have to do something weird with diction that undermines the actual appreciation or “humanity” they’ve encountered. It just freaks people out so much to feel connected to an animal– anyhow this har-dee-har wordplay just comes off SO anxious to me. It reads to me as so fearful. 

“The Roseville mother has had a (s)hell of a time trying to find Sweety, who was passed down by Coggeshall’s father 20 years ago.” “Taking to social media and posting up missing flyers, she desperately searched for anyone who’d “stick out their neck and help.”

This is exactly the sort of thing I could never post to social media. (And please kill me if I ever ‘take to’ social media– which happens in this article /twice/.) People would be really defensive on behalf of the newspeak puns. I would be putting people down and being a jerk to people just trying to be nice and cute. But I think it’s not nice and cute.  I think it’s meaningfully reductive! I do! 


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