I’m listening to LeGuin’s The Dispossessed on audiobook and I don’t have a hard copy to look closer at this one moment right but I believe that this thing happens in chapter 9 where the theoretical physicist protagonist has just gone through the intense culmination of his work on his theory of time, and is able to record for himself his understanding in the form of a mathematical equation/theorum/formula thingy– and he puts it in his pocket. Pockets are important things in this book b/c there are so many on the capitalist planet — for your money and your things– and not on the anarchist planet where he’s from–

anyhow he puts the sentence that expresses his life’s work in his pocket. He has been able in some ways to get to it because of (I’m not sure if it’s caused by, or if he just feels a certain pressure of impending transformation or what exactly that relationship is in the story btwn the making of the art/science and the knowledge of what he means or is in the cultural system– another thing I’d have to look back for) his recent understanding of the way that his work both /is/ himself and has been commodified, making him a prisoner– other things too– but anyhow he puts it in his pocket and joins the revolution. His part in the revolution means writing political statements that get published, and allowing himself to become a figure in the struggle. So like there he is a body a political symbol etc. And then right when he is about to become part of the literal crowd of revolutionary protesters, he takes the note to himself from his pocket, looks at his equation and can’t read what it says– the language is obscure to him. This seems to me very important is all I’m saying, and very frightening to me, personally.

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