June 22– few hrs in morning, friends came thru town, it was going to be lunch but baby not feeling well, brought them food at urgent care, baby will be okay, they’re staying over so he can rest etc, couple more hrs in afternoon. Very choppy work just chopped the hell out of the newspaper stuff in 4 and so hard piecing parts back in but again kinda nice to just boot some things I wasn’t so sure of, to look at them like ‘maybe you’re for something besides this book’ I’m pretty sure that when I am done with this book I will be glad to just ditch for good but if not there really is so much I could do something with and I can start in the morning doing the redrafting and working thru. I haven’t figured out how to get any exercise yet but we’re not eating any carbohydrates for a few weeks. Does anyone /not/write like they eat and furnish their houses and so on when it comes to using things up, collecting, discarding, trying new things versus routine and so on? It always comes back to Bread and Jam for Francis for me. In the end I want it to come out even.

June 23– here’s a joke: Amazon baby.

Also: yesterday around 10am a bear was flopped out in my next door neighbor’s yard nursing her two cubs.   !

Morning session made good progress with first half of “Invasion” and I see what I have to do through the rest of the chapter in kind–and that is blocked in pretty solid. I should read that new Gladman.

June 25. tomorrow I can finish 4. I really did organize it and the shape seems good finally, something, and wrote through some of the pieces I blocked yesterday. But I’m tired early! maybe I can take a rest and come back this evening. A and I are trying to mix up our days in a range of ways. Then there is a couple of family days and I think I can do other organiz-y stuff while with them.

OK. came back for afternoon. made it through chapter. I like what I’m doing but I’m worried that wc is not going downnnnnnnn.


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