June 16 blocked in the info I needed to add to make crux decisions bare. it’s ugly but I am a little tired from last few days. tomorrow is two days off for go visit family. I should read that ron powell book as much as possible. see if I can get A. to let me finish 1984 in the car.

had some ideas I sketched to help with the Josie chapter– linking it through more elements–

next would be reading through 2 to try to get the rhythm of the pulse plus looping. or maybe after I block the rest in today, start back Tuesday with ch. 3 and read 2 & 3 together b/c I’ve been doing a lot of 1 & 2 together.

Next time I’m tired I should also pick out excerpts for next round of a grant I just make first cut for.

June 19. Work slow. Dog sick. smoothed what I blocked. Blocked other key moment of motivations in Arch. a little worried there’s too much 9-11 now. Looked at some pictures of the memorial.

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