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June 11: back to NC. Listening to 1984 audiobook.

June 12: rest. second season of handmaids tale a) hard to have competing simultaneous dystopias b) season 1 was a beautiful adaptation; season two becomes mediocre tv series. tragic to watch the writing get bad, the series structure just lamely copy early orange is the new black, the voiceovers lose their specificity and sound more like stupider tv shows instead of like season 1 (having presumably used up Atwood’s words that made them awesome before, now they merely “tell” what was just shown or what the writers are afraid wasn’t shown when the joy of the atwood sililoqueys was that they made more complex what we saw), the writing get generic and wordy, the plotting get super heteronormative to the point of overtaking the queer people’s stories with heteronormativity not to mention simplifying June’s character and motivations via over-explication that turns out to be boring (that’s why go minimalism if you’re not much of a thinker, duh)–  over-reliance on the coolness of your soundtrack to do your emotional work– repeating the dynamics of hope and hopelessness that created the pace of season one so beautifully but are now known territory so it’s just boring and to be bored with this content is pretty much the root of what others are calling (for different reasons– not my reasons for sure) ‘misery porn’ though I was calling it ‘atrocity porn’ and then googled to see what kind of ‘porn’ other people were calling it. Anyhow I was down with the first couple of episodes, ready to see how the handmaid would operate from Canada, thinking through kinds of freedoms, try to organize, try to sneak back in to help people, try to reconcile truly multiple simultaneous loves/lovers etc. but as soon as she got captured and sent back to the house the show tanked. Every episode increasingly overdetermined retrodding with no new ideas about anything.

June 13: worked on ch1; the sequence that established the em/frank dynamic– not done but stuck [afternoon spent dealing with tech stuff for duke plus my phone acting weird in NC]

June 14: reorganized the myth in ch 3 to try to work on idea of origin and narrative containers; put in space breaks to try to unify form across chapters until a I overtly deviate in the middle-book. if the form of the book that comes from the madmen story has that very basic sandwich (ick) shape. also started dotting ch 1 with more time-placement. still looking for ways to lift out chunks to move (I’d hope) to ch. 2 to balance out their sizes. Or, honestly, maybe at some point I give up on the even chapters and do something else I can feel good about. [afternoon need to finish grading, turn in grades, catch up on email– ]

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