well for years I’ve been corresponding with a former student who has been in prison for over a decade now. I asked him what he thought about trump and here’s a bit of what he wrote that I have been thinking about. “I don’t have the same emotional and financial investment in our society that someone like yourself has. I don’t have any skilled profession. I don’t have any property. I’m not a member of a community. Let’s face it. It’s a lot easier to sit back and watch the world burn when it isn’t your shit that’s on fire.” Gosh I hardly know how to begin unpacking that. I mean, I get what he is saying about his experience, but trying to think through the layers (when I see him as a kind of property of the state, when I see people not in prison– individuals and cultural systems– burning everything down…) is pretty overwhelming. PS I really wanted to post this on facebook, but I was worried about whether he would want his words so public. Even though they have already been read by whoever reads all the letters that leave prisons, and he has dealt with that shit. So I thought I’d post them here, where no one will see them.

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