people I think know better than me about writing novels tell me to write forward and go back later. I keep thinking I haven’t done that, that the first time I landed on an end it was so weak and provisional that even though it felt like it counted it didn’t read like it counted so it didn’t count.

But I think this is just how I’ve gotta keep writing this book. I can get a little more fully forward each time thru, and I think I am now at the point when I can take a series of moments out of their context and work on them as thru-lines and sequences and that will push it forward a little more, and then go back and redo the big chapter sections I learn that way how to revise, and I still have to be in stalk-mode about the real ending.  I’ve done so much collage-work and note-taking and false-scene-writing that I think I just have to wait it out and keep working meanwhile on the things I can work on.

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