I don’t like any brands showing on my clothes.

I can’t believe that swimsuits and sports bras or any bras arrive with padding in them as if that’s not totally cheating and fake and if the point is to make people want to have sex with you what happens when, you know, no clothes? I guess they are just lost in passion not busy trying to crack the magic trick.  Oh, maybe the new generation just appreciates magic and artifice for what it is.  I do appreciate costume. I do think we would be a better culture if we all wore costumes more often not just the people in parades.

Not to mention technology, how I just want to learn it once. And I am still a little afraid that if I don’t have a song I like in my $ paws it is lost to me. It’s because I don’t trust (and cannot wield) search engines. It’s the way I never was a real library user, afraid to go in there very often because of the too much information of generation x and the delillo I love, not going with the flow, not trusting the universe to provide anything necessarily, there goes that song into the midst/mists of time.

alas, more and more to come.

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