so there, a little

why fiction writers don’t engage in criticism/theorizing the way poets do. is something I have often been invited to consider. and to feel defensive about. been suggested it’s all about the marketplace. fiction writers after money. ┬ásure, I guess, surely, a lot. ┬ábut also form. also, among the honorable people, form. poets live a lot and read a lot and maybe political action a lot and make a poem that is a distillation or an invitation. a lot of times with the heft of critical work beneath it, holding the poem up on the tips of its fingers. in fiction the critical work is embodied in the process of making those pages themselves. I don’t have f*ing time to hold a job and also write enough to get good pages of fiction let alone then go theorize it. let alone also living and caring about and for any other people. the theory is in the fiction and because of the fiction. go read some good fiction.

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