get rich

I’ve been having all these get rich quick ideas (joke = of course not). Today’s is the Home for Unwanted Signed Books. ┬áThis is a used book store that specializes in books personalized to people who just felt obligated to participate in the ritual but didn’t really want the book but can’t give it away b/c it’s signed. There would have to be something like the book isn’t sold until the author dies or something b/c the idea is to protect the person to whom its signed from social shame.

another idea is a price gun that a) has a slot for a boxcutter that you can easily change the blade b) you can also change out the tape in and out without a degree in mechanical engineering c) it has a remote operated by a simple AA battery so you hang a little thingy by the register and when you loose the price gun in the store you can just press the button and it makes a sound so you can find it like when you call your phone but price guns.

god I know I had two other ideas… one was a tv show … errgh stay tuned…

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