secular humanist

I used the phrase secular humanist in my novel and it’s been bugging me for a long time but I haven’t cut it b/c I kept wondering what’s my problem? fear of sounding snotty? would some books I like use terms like that? sure. why do I hate it?  not the sandra cisneros ‘words for everyone’ way. I think I might be onto this, though– it’s lazy writing. I have never used that on students though I use it on myself all the time in part b/c I think when it was used on me it was often lazy teaching– or just code for “professor doesn’t like it”– I did do a lot of thinking thru over the years the show/vs tell dictum but not in this context- usually the response it “over-intellectualizing” things (I don’t like that as a problem) or the “trying to outsmart your reader out of your own fear of being dumb” which I think is sometimes true but mostly people are recognizing one realm of thought in another and trying not to segregate them unnaturally– SO what’s the problem I do think its lazyness- -I think that in certain realms of experience those terms thin rather than name– or thin by naming– the complexity of the experience and the point of writing is to give an appropriate sense of things.  so its not language often for a felt moment –the words are boring if they don’t come from a complicated human place– anyhow this is just a sketch of what I might think and I want to actually go back to writing which is what I was doing but at least I have noted something here.

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