status update

trying to quit facebook til school starts up again which means it’s taking up my brain in that “trying to quit” way in combo with the other usual way.

but saw performer-writer-friend sarah j. for dinner and then her work in progress and that was such a fortifier– the things we want to make we want to function so differently as art but the way we try to make them and how we struggle is so similar

and then saw writer-friend susan s. for another dinner and our aims have so much in common and the way we work has a different overlap and we’re going to rent a place and work together for a bit in the next month or so

all this also means that the other thing I’m trying to quit which is being food-focussed is suffering some, but, you know, kinds of nutrients… it can get conflated

but for whatever reason last week I was forlorn about the book and now I am working away as if anything is possible


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