for art lately

the touchstone of this space is:  what have I done for art today– and I include working on my own and engaging with others’ and treating all encounters as food for art.  Last night saw Rikki D. read from her new essays– some have already become core to my ability to recognize a layer of my thinking/experiencing.  Night before I hosted Louise G. at work– and remain astonished by the relief I feel to be around a person who seems fundamentally incapable of posturing.  (aside:  I accidentally drove across the wrong bridge and took her to petaluma instead of davis, then had to turn around…that is the state I have been in) today I will go work three students I’m collaborating with– so all in all this feels like a good week for wrenching my eyes from my navel and I am thinking about my book but in an ancillary way that feels due.

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