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about artists getting paid for their work/stuff or not.  hop-skip past the parameters of the discussion if you’ve read two little articles on it re books or music.  the part that is missing in the discussion I think is the part about how work is equated with doing stuff you hate– or even doing stuff you suspect deep in your heart is immoral– which says more about what labor is generally than anything else.  people expect to hate their jobs and have to do them and feel more or less like shit all the time, so if anyone is not hating what gets them money that is a problem b/c it’s not fair and that is true, it really is not.  Sometimes, depending on who I am imaging this “they” to be–  I know it is a privilege.  This is when I imagine the “they”s having fewer choices than I did.

But sometimes I feel something that is probably akin to the immigrant who “makes it” and turns into a republican:  I think, resentfully, of people I went to school with.  I think, “I chose not to compromise for predictable income–I am morally superior” or I think– “but I am just better at art than most people–meritocracy, etc.”

And what about the movie stars and the CEOs, the socialites, trust fund techies, the billionaire politicians, university officials, and bankers.  I met some of those people at the Academy.  Do they make it simple– is there anything hard to think about there?  When an activist friend (that is a broad term) who is out there doing the activist work that I do not do says it’s about time to start killing police is that the same as my cartoon revolution where the heads of the 1% are on sticks.  the ways that imagining change dehumanizes.  what does human mean, it means something like sacred.  to hold animals human rather than call a human an animal in order to kill it.  to imagine change, to really imagine it gives me physical flutters and tremors, just to imagine.

PS here’s another phrase I hate:  most notably.

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