Some of the thoughts I had at and around 22 remain central. One was, “that’s not a good poem, that’s a good paragraph.” I learned a lot about prose from narrative poems that I thought were not interesting as poems but were solid as paragraphs or nicely phrased anecdotes.  The paragraph should be as elastic as possible, and sentences should be as elastic as possible.  The other was the little question to myself– what would an unreliable third person narrator be? Like one that is technically omnicient but not actually god of the story, first person narration with the I’s cut out. Not a manipulative narrator, not a sneaky one, a narrator who is doing the best she can. Who has a lot of offer but not a lot of answers.  I have not stopped thinking about these things in all these years.  I am almost giving into the 3rd person convention in this book though.  I’m almost done fighting it.  But not quite.

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